The Ant and the Grasshopper

Posted by Dana on Monday Oct 11, 2010 Under Fairytales


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One summer day a grasshopper was singing and chirping and hopping about.  He was having a wonderful time.  He saw an ant who was busy gathering and storing grain for the winter.

“Stop and talk to me,” said the grasshopper.   “We can sing some songs and dance a while.”

“Oh no,” said the ant.  “Winter is coming.  I am storing up food for the winter.  I think you should do the same.”

“Oh, I can’t be bothered,” said the grasshopper.  “Winter is a long time off.   There is plenty of food.”   So the grasshopper continued to  sing and chip and the ant continued to work.

When winter came the grasshopper had no food and was starving.  He went  to the ant’s house and asked, “Can I have some wheat or maybe a few kernels of corn.  Without it I will starve,” whined the grasshopper.

“You singed last summer,” said the ants in disgust.   “You can now continue to dance.”

Moral:  Be prepared for times of need during days of plenty.

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